Meet Gizele Oliveira

With exotic Kate Graham's  features and the delicacy of Olivia Palermo, Gizele Oliveira, Brazilian model and blogger, is carving out a name in the fashion industry. Not just in front of the cameras, also through the internet. Her blog, The Things of Teens, has more than 2,500 followers on its Facebook page, and counting! 
So, she has given an interview to my blog. Know her and don't lose she cause will give the talk.
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What are you doing while you answer to this questionnaire?
Talking with my family in Brazil.

What's your name?
Gizele Oliveira.

Your nickname?

Zodiac sign.

Where are you from?
I'm from Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Where do you live?
Now i'm living in Miami Beach.

How did you start your modeling career?
I started when i was watching a show in my town and my agency saw me and ask about me and everything, i liked and i really start modeling professionally, because before that i did some photos for my godfather, but just because i like it.

Do you remember your first job? Was it good or bad?
My first job was a show, i was very nervous, but everything was good!

What has been the work that you like best?
I dont know say yet, but i think was my photos from JC Penney!

What is the best thing about being a model? And the worst?
The best things is that you can travel, know different people in different places, cultures and everything! The worst is sometimes pretend everything is ok, you always have to smile, some people dont care if you are hungry or thirsty, they just want your best!

How did the idea of opening Things of Teens? Why that title?
Actually i didnt open, was like a blog that someone said: "hey, can you help with the blog, you will talk about fashion and something", and i accept and with the time everybody just goes away and he's mine now, thats why this is the name, i didnt choose!

What do you expect of your blog?
I expect that people really enjoy and like my posts and everything!

Who is your idol in the world of fashion?
I like some styles, some people, but no one is like an idol, i think.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I want to see myself with my own house, people respect me for who i am and still loving the same things.

What is your goal as a model?
I think is do wherever i want and enjoy all this, because nothing is forever.

What's in your bag?
Nothing special, i always bring with me keys, camera, lipstick and cellphone.

What would you take to a desert island?
Knife, solar protection, my puppy and of course, a camera!

How would you define your style?
I dont know, i always like to dress high shorts, leggings, shirts bigger than me, boots... 

The musts in your wardrobe?

What beauty rituals you make?
Nothing hahahahhaha.

Any favourite brands?
No, i just buy everything that i like and never expensive, always very cheap! Now my favorite brand is Forever 21.

Where do you buy the clothes we see in your blog?
Bazaars, forever 21, stores from Brazil, h&m... everywhere.

Why did you take to answer this questionnaire?
Because i like to answer questions (:

Gizele's Facebook, Instagram, LookbookBlog, Tumblr, Twitter

All photos from Gizele Oliveira's socials.

Thank u so much, Gizele, for your interview. You'll get so far! Keep in touch.


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