Happy birthday to meeeeee!!!!!
Sí, hoy es mi cumpleaños y me hacía mucha ilusión subir un post. Pero, ¿de qué? Pues, ¿de qué va a ser? De mis propósitos de 24 años. ¿O es que sólo se puede pedir en fin de año?
Así que, ahí va una lista de fotos de algunos propósitos tontos, otros divertidos, algunos que hace mucho tiempo que quiero realizar, otros que ya los llevo a cabo y no quiero que se pierdan, algunos caprichos y otros de muy sinceros.
Me voy a pasar un día requete-lindo.
Veinticuatro abrazos y besos para cada uno.

Happy birthday to meeeeee!!
Yes, today is my birthday and I really wanted to upload a post. But about what? Well, what a question! About purposes of 24. Or is that people can only make purposes on year-end?
So, here's a list of photos of some silly purposes, others funny, some long ago I want to do, others already do and I don't want to lost, some quirks and other very sincere.
I'm going to spend a super-duper-cute day.
Twenty four hugs and kisses for everyone!

Always enter through the front door.
Because I worth it ;)
Give desinterested hugs.
Put foot on the dashboard, although gets dirty.
Do stupid things. For example, to show my tits to the world.
Understand cats.
And, perhaps, adopt one and call him "Ununderstood".
Be as cocky as the king of spades.
Sleep in a van.
Do much love.
Belief in UFOs.
Keep believing in a better world.
Do it, at least, 24 times a day.
Get my head out the window and shout.
Dance "These boots are made ​​for walking".
Fall in shoe sickness.
Do a slumber party at a motel.
Kiss underwater.
Bake an eight-plants cake.
Ask for more wishes than when i was 23.
Few healthy quirks.
Dance while you play your guitar, my love.
Put flowers in my hair.
Be a faun.
Meet Minnie.
Buy one of these.
Have great firefighter ideas.
Learn to read with music. Right now, I can't.
Show my big panties with no problem.
Boys, girls don't only use thongs, sorry.
Say it whenever i want.
Warn people that Linx is not just a character.
Be more soccer.
Trying to drink a Coke in reverse.
Tell me every morning.
Try to find the Little Prince.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry spent years looking for him.

Taking the temperature to people.
Perhaps, the world would be less sick.

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